by Alfonso from Fresno

A Siberian husky who was a lead sled dog in Gunnar Kaasen's team that arrived in Nome, Alaska in early February of 1925. Many children were dying from diphtheria. The only way way to get the serum was by dog sled. During the journey many dogs died from exhaustion, frostbite, and exposure. They traveled 106 miles through subzero temperatures and icy blizzards.

 Hero not only because he used his intelligence, courage, and determination to lead his sled team, but also because of the story behind his fame and fortune. Balto was born a Siberian husky and was named after the famous explorer Samuel Balto. He wasn't the first to be Gunner Kaassen's lead dog. Balto was smaller than most sled dogs and was expected to fail. He is my hero because, though people doubted him, he ran with all his heart and refused to fail his team, his musher, or the people of Nome.

Balto is my hero because he saved many lives in Nome by going through dangerous cliffs, blizzards and huge storms and even if his own driver Kaasen did not believe he was a good leader, he still kept going and then proved he was the best. Also Balto is one of the most brave, most determined and historic animals in my opinion.

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