Animals Heroes


by Courtney from Gainesville

My hero is a dog named Bandit. I consider her my hero because she saved my life.

One summer day when I was out in the garden looking for frogs, I bent down to look at what looked like a frog, but it was a curled up SNAKE! Now, I was face to face with a real live copper head snake. The next thing I know, I’m running to the house. Bandit was whining. Once I reached the porch, I realized Bandit had jumped in front of me and had taken the snakebite for me.

She has done this twice for my grandma, but this is the first time she has ever done it for me, and I’m so thankful for it. Although I still have to clean up after she goes on the floor, I would do anything for her, because she saved my life, and to me, that’s a true hero. Human or not!!!

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