Animals Heroes


by Bella from Laguna Beach

Bandit the Dog

Bandit is a dog that lives in Arizona with her owner Courtney and Courtney's grandma. Bandit was born in 2004 at an animal hospital, but I bet they didn't know she was such a special dog. I chose Bandit because I think she is a lifesaver. She saved Courtney's grandma twice, but never Courtney's. That's an amazing thing because she is just a dog, yet she risked her life to save the life of others.

Bandit jumped in front of a poisonous snake and saved Courtney from being seriously injured. She barked and barked until Courtney's grandma came to see what had happened. Luckily Bandit wasn't hurt that badly, and thankfully she recovered.

Bandit saved Courtney in front of her grandma's house in Arizona on a sweltering day in the summer. Courtney was in the garden looking for frogs when she looked in the bushes and there was a curled up snake ready to ATTACK!!! Then Bandit jumped in front of her and took the bite in the leg. She was rushed to an animal hospital to see if she was okay and it wasn't that bad, not as bad as it would have been to Courtney.

Bandit is a dog that I found on the My Hero website, I read her story and I just knew I would pick her. Even though someone already did Bandit I still picked her. I don't even know them in real life but I still think she is an amazing dog and if I knew them I bet she would be even better in person.

I chose this animal because she seemed really interesting to write about. I think Bandit is one of the most lifesaving dogs anyone could have. I recommend you to get a dog like Bandit. I recommend if for myself too!

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