Animals Heroes


by Sarah and Emma from Presque Isle

Bandit is a dog that saved her owner from a copperhead snake. When Courtney, the owner of Bandit, was looking for frogs in her grandmother's garden, she found what looked like a frog but was a curled up snake!

Bandit and Courtney
Bandit and Courtney

Now Courtney was face to face with a real live snake. Courtney started running to the house to get away but she wasn't fast enough. Next thing she knew Bandit started whining. She turned around and found out Bandit had taken the snake bite for her.

Bandit had done this twice for Courtney's grandmother but only once for Courtney. Courtney didn't even care if she had to clean up after Bandit gets his dirty paws on the floor!!! Courtney would do anything for Bandit because Bandit saved her life and to me that's a true hero...human or not!!!!!

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