Barbara Thomas

by Alex from New York

I want to be like Barbara in one way or another

My hero is Reverend Barbara Thomas of Greenwich, New York. She is a Reverend at a local Presbyterian church who is moving away soon in August 2007.

My hero has done a lot for the community such as making a program during the summer for free food for kids. It starts at 11:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM. She also is a reverend in a local church as I mentioned earlier.

My hero lives currently in Greenwich, New York. She will be moving to Charlotte, South Carolina in August 2007. She will be moving because she has been asked to go work at a church organization that organizes crop walks and other things.

She is important to me but more to other people because of all the things she has done for our small community, such as the crop walk, the food for kids program and many many more things. We will miss her when she leaves and we hope she will visit us often.

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