Agatha Barbara

by Michael from New Jersey

First woman president of Malta
Agatha Barbara (Google Images)
Agatha Barbara (Google Images)

Walt Disney once commented, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” A hero is someone who has dreams, who works hard at everything, is determined, is not beaten easily and is someone who does not stop until they reach their goal. A real hero is someone who would do anything for people they don’t even know. Agatha Barbra is a hero to me because she was the first woman President of Malta and she stood up for every woman by becoming President.

Agatha Barbara was born in Zabbar, Malta on March 11, 1923 and died on February 4, 2002. When she was growing up, she was one of nine children. She studied at Government Grammar School in Valleta. By the age of 14, she had a full education. When she was finished with school, she became a school teacher. In 1947 she became the first women to be elected into the Maltese Parliament. In 1955 she was appointed Minister of Education and Culture. She built 44 schools throughout Malta. She was elected president of the republic in 1982.

Agatha Barbara was selfless, determined, and extraordinary. She possessed all those qualities because she put all of her time and effort into her country. She was selfless and determined because she wanted to make Malta a better place for her and its citizens. She was extraordinary because other ordinary presidents imagine perfect, but she kept working to make it happen.

In conclusion, a hero is someone who works very hard to accomplish his or her dreams. A hero is also someone who helps people they don’t even know. Agatha Barbara from Malta is a hero. She is my hero because she gave women courage to do more and made Malta a better place.

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