by Joseph

There are many admirable people in the Bible who make quality role models. Joseph, also called Barnabas, was known as the encourager. The Bible calls him a good man who was full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Barnabas brought Saul to the other apostles to tell them God had transformed Saul’s life. God told the other apostles He had set apart Barnabas to do His work. This was demonstrated by Barnabas’s generosity and witness. The Bible lists many ways Barnabas inspired people and brought them closer to God, and that is why he is my hero.

Saul, now called Paul, and Barnabas worked together to grow the kingdom of God. When the apostles sent them to Antioch, a great number of people were brought to the Lord through their preaching. Everywhere Barnabas went, he drew people to God with his charismatic personality. Barnabas was also a very giving man who sold his land and gave all the money to the apostles to use for the ministry. God gave him the gift of encouraging people and lifting them up. In all the places he went, Barnabas made the kingdom of God larger.

Barnabas inspires me. He welcomed Paul into the ministry, trusting one of the most feared men in the area. Many people came to the Lord through his encouragement. Others tried to imitate his generosity. God called Barnabas to be set apart, equipping him to effectively do His work. I would like to have the qualities of Barnabas; he is an ideal Christian role model. He was one of the most encouraging people listed in the Bible, and he brought hundreds of people to the Lord. My goal is to have his encouraging spirit.

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