Literary Heroes


by Anabelle from Dumaguete

Superheroes like Batman save the lives of all people, especially those who need help

The first time that I saw Batman was on television. I don't like to watch television, but when I heard about his story, that he saves the lives of all people who need his help, I began to admire him greatly. From that point on, I wanted to know the time of the Batman show. Now, every time there is a show, I don't like to miss it.

I chose Batman as my superhero because he is very handsome, and very brave when fighting his enemies. His face is white. He is tall, his costume is black, and there is a picture of a bat in the center of his chest. The show tells us that the bat symbolizes that this person is a bat-man. When he has an enemy, or there are people who need his help, sometimes he flies likes bird, and sometimes he rides in his car.

When he fights enemies, such as Mr. Penguin and Poison, he knows many ways to fight, and to put his enemies down. He found Robin, who became his friend.

Together, they defeat all thier enemies. Robin is also brave and handsome, and is younger than Batman. But I like Batman more than Robin. Batman and Robin can defeat whoever they encounter, but no one can defeat them.

I chose Batman as my hero because I'd like to compare myself to him. I promise that whoever needs my help, even though I'm not a superhero like Batman, I will help them, and I'd like to do good things like Batman does.

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