by Miriam from Menifee

My Hero Batman saves lives
 Batman was cleverness
 Batman was so helpful
Batman cared for other lives
 Batman was physically muscular
 He had assortments of villains
 Batman would go on adventures
My hero

The most important part that fascinates me about my hero is that he is a person who helps people that are in trouble. He has something in him that I really like about him. He became popular because in the late 1960's Batman was in television for the very first time. He was in the television for the very first time because people admired him in several ways.Therefore, Batman was a supporter of different characters, including Spiderman, Butler, etc. His success was to live in action.

Batman always faces a variety of common criminals.They are common for him because he has done it a couple of more than 3 times, that is why they are common for him. That is why I admire him because If we were to face some common criminals we wouldn't be able to do anything because we are not used to be doing things like that. He is sometimes a member of a superhero in some places because he has been in different a series. In conclusion, he is a great hero because he is an example for people to see that he is always trying to save people's lives.

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