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"Roses have thorns"
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My definitions and characteristics of a hero are:

My hero’s characteristics are that he is a good person who saves lives and is always is willing to improve himself for mankind. My hero’s characteristic is also that he is cool. Another characteristic is that he is mysterious.

Also, good heroes never keep bad memories and they are not violent. Good heroes never forget their main obligation and try to not fall in love with a girl because that can affect them in their anti-criminal career. Good heroes are also dedicated, but they also have a social life and live an honest life, which is a very ordinary one, so there are no suspicions about them.

Also, a hero is a person that is willing to give unselfishly the best of him or herself. Also, a good hero characteristic is that he is always calm and controlled, never letting his emotions overwhelm him. A factor that is important in a hero is his personality, and that he doesn’t feel superior. For me, heroes are the best persons in the world. They are usually known for doing a good act towards mankind.

How does my hero fulfill my definition?

Batman falls into my hero’s definition and category because he is a good person and he saves lives. He improves himself by always trying to improve his weapons and by knowing the criminals’ way of thinking. I think Batman is a good person because he is a peaceful man and he asks the criminals to surrender before he attacks them and gives them a second opportunity. Batman is a good hero because he tries to save all innocent lives and even the enemies´. He always tells them to change their ways or he will be obligated to destroy them again and again.

He is both willing and able to improve mankind because he owns a multimillionaire enterprise called “Wayne Enterprises.” Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne. He is a person willing to fight for justice and never gives up. He is affiliated with a group called “justice league” that is an union of superheroes that fight crime. Batman also falls into my hero categories because he is rich, but he isn’t selfish and he risks his life to save others. Batman also fulfills my definition of a hero because he is cool and he likes darkness and finds ways to intimidate criminals before they see him.

My hero’s life story

Two terrible moments forever changed the life of Bruce Wayne. The first came at age six, when he roamed the far grounds of Gotham City's Wayne Manor and fell into a deep cavern swarming with bats. Though his father soon rescued him, Bruce never again felt completely secure in his world. The second came two years later, in an alley way behind a movie theater in which the Wayne’s had just seen The Mark of Zorro. There, a mugger named Joe Chill shot Thomas and Martha Wayne in cold blood before fleeing into the night. Together with Philip Wayne, Bruce's uncle and legal guardian, and Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne family butler, Thompkins gave guidance to Bruce as he passed through his teens. But none of them could erase from Bruce the burning passion to punish all criminals, an oath he avowed on his parents' gravesite.

To that end, Bruce grew up training himself to the peak of physical and intellectual perfection and, at age eighteen, began using his vast fortune to travel the world in search of those who could teach him to fight crime effectively. Years later, Bruce returned to Gotham City, and began his war on crime. Before long, he came to realize that his skills were not enough, that he would need an edge over his opponent--a guise that would strike terror into their hearts, inspired by the bats that had so horrified him as a boy, Bruce donned a blue and gray costume complete with cape and cowl and renewed his mission. The results were immediate: soon, the criminals of Gotham began speaking in fearful whispers about the creature known only as Batman.

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I would thank “Batman” because he is a good person that dedicates his life to punish criminals. I’d thank him because in spite of the fact that he has a lot of money and could live a very pleasant and comfortable life, he dedicates his life to help those in need and he is a person that is an example for me as a hero. I’d thank batman because he has lived a hard life and still overcame it. Also I would thank Batman because he is a lifesaver and doesn’t fear death. I think Batman is a good hero because he isn’t selfish. Batman would also be thanked because he is a person who is honest. I think Batman deserves the admiration of people because he is a real human and doesn’t possess any superpowers. Batman would also be thanked because he isn’t the kind of hero that likes to be admired by all.

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