by Myles from North Canton

Batman, also known as the Dark Knight
Batman, also known as the Dark Knight

Batman is a hero to some, a vigilante to others. Some people see him as doing good, others see him as doing bad. Batman A.K.A Bruce Wayne (multimillionaire) is a businessman by day and super hero by night. He fights crime putting the right into the wrong. The creation of this hero happened when a man shot down a young boy (Bruce) and his parents for the money in their wallets. This is the point that Bruce had to make the tough decision of becoming a hero or becoming the villain. He decided to rise above the hate and anger. Bruce would make sure that this kind of thing would never happen again to anyone else.

Batman is a hero because he has to make decisions that everyone else can't or are too scared to make. He fights for what is right whether the people of Gotham like it or dislike it. Batman shows courage, strength, mercy and no weakness. Batman is my hero because when I was younger I would watch him on T.V and see him fight crime. I would look up to him and want to do all the good that he has done. He has influenced me in my childhood that leads to this day that makes me want to do what is right and just for people just like Batman had done. He has taught me to be brave and have courage in bad or scary situations. He has taught me to show that anger can be controlled when you just want to lash out. This is why Batman is my hero. Batman has shown me what a true hero and a pure person can be.

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