by Ryan from Dumaguete

The key to failure is trying to please everyone.

One night, Bruce Wayne and his family attended a party, and after they left the party, they met a guy who had a gun. He told them to give him their money, and when Bruce's father fought back, the man shot both the mother and father, and ran away.

For many years after that, Bruce was trained by a ninja on an ice mountian. One night, when he went home, while sleeping, he had a dream about a bat. Then he remembered that when he was a child, there was a well. He went to the well, and he fell down into the well and looked around. Then he heard the sound of flying bats, and the bats surrounded him.

When he got himself out of the well, he made plans to make a bat-cave. Batman and his assistant started to make a bat-suit. One of his friends gave him a few high-tech gadgets to use in a fight. Batman began to seek to avenge the criminal. His mortal enemy, named Scarecrow, planned to destroy the city.

Scarecrow was very hard to defeat. Batman lost great energy in this fight. However, whoever comes his way, no villan can defeat him. He is also very kind to his fellow people. He has a secret identity. He's an ordinary man when nobody needs his help.

I chose him as one of my heroes because he saves the world. He's kind to everyone. He helps people who are in need. He saves the world without getting any reward from anyone. I like him because he's strong.

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