by Carlos from Tucson

Be more careful and don't be reckless

The hero that saves New York City from the biggest crime is Batman. Batman’s appearance is a black mask and a black cape on his back. He has a belt that has the signal of the Batman. When Batman saves a person there is action. The action that Batman does is like a crazy lion when there is danger, and when he is about to capture the bad person. Batman confronts the person that is in the battle. Batman grabs an old man who is in danger to put him in a safe place. Batman says, “All of you go to a safe place, or be more careful and don’t be reckless.” He is a blissful man, and he is a glorious man and sometimes he could be scared to fight against evil. Others know that Batman is a brave man and a combat hero.

Once upon a time in New York City there was a big crime. No it wasn’t just a big crime, it was the biggest crime that New York City had in long years. The Joker and his army blackjacked a significant jewelry depository. Batman came to save the day, but the Joker’s army wasn’t easy for Batman! When the Joker planned to do a trick Batman came to the Joker and finished him. Everything was over for the Joker and his army. Batman returned the thing that the Joker and the army blackjacked from the jewelry depository. Batman sat to drink a café when he remembered the time he save the blackjack in New York City.

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