by Student from Blackstone Valley Prep

My hero is Batman and he is a hero to me because he knows how to handle things and he wanted to avenge his parents' death. This is how Batman began.

When Batman was Bruce Wayne as a kid, his parents got shot. When they died, Bruce Wayne knew he wanted to be Batman. He wanted to stop crime everywhere to make the world a better place, but, if he wanted to do this, he would need to make his identity concealed.

When Batman as Bruce Wayne was a little older, he moved to China to train with ninjas. One day, Bruce Wayne was told to kill this guy that was disobeying the rules. Bruce Wayne was given a sword to kill the guy. When Bruce Wayne held up the sword, he knew he didn't want to kill the poor guy. So, Bruce Wayne threw the sword at a gas tank. The gas tank exploded and Bruce Wayne escaped safely.

When Batman as Bruce Wayne went back to his mansion in New York, he created the Batman suit. It could resist electricity shocks and fire. It had a belt filled with a lot of things like batarangs, smoke pellets, tasers, and an ear shrieking button

In conclusion, Batman is my hero because he always perseveres, even if it takes a really long time. He's always ready to do a mission.

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