by Shenshah from Pflugerville

I know what your thinking how can Batman be a hero. Well Batman is a hero because he is a person who fights crime in his double life at night and by day he is a Bruce Wayne billionaire playboy who does not live by the rules.

Batman's day life involves doing good things for the people of Gotham City, like making new trains, and he is rich. When Batman's parents were killed by the lowlife named Joe Chill on that very eventful Saturday night evening when Joe Chill, later known as the Joker, killed Bruce's parents with Bruce only 9 that day. He grew up without his parents, even though his family's butler, Sir Alfred Pennyworth, took care of him.

He grew up a broken, fragile and angry boy throughout the rest of his childhood and through the journey of his life.

Why Batman is a hero

We can categorize Batman's virtues under justice, sacrifice, selflessness, and grit but these are some of his good virtues and characteristics.

But he can also be paranoid, lonely and skeptical of the people he works with, but bear in mind that these bad traits and good traits also help him fight crime in the dangerous and lonely city of Gotham.


Though there are many more qualities I think a super hero should have, I think courage, responsibility, and good judgement are the most important. Batman has saved people in Gotham on hundreds of occasions by having these qualities to help save people in Gotham City and stop crime.


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