by Dustin from Swift Current

I know what your thinking, batman? Really a hero out of movies, books, cartoons, and comics? like come on. The thing is that there's more to him then just that. There is more to Bruce Wayne than just "the guy that wears a mask and fights crime." And here I am to tell you all about it.

I chose Bruce Wayne/ Batman not because of the fact that he is a so called super hero and the comics, movies and books he's in but for what he represents. Bruce Wayne shows the world that it's possible for everyone and anyone to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Bruce has many different characteristics like strong willed, brave, secretive, strong, quick, handsome, deceiving and so one.

Bruce Wayne became a hero because... well really he didn't intend on actually becoming a hero, at first he was just out for revenge. Bruce witnessed his parents being murdered and from that day on he swore to get revenge and crime everywhere. He started out just for revenge but then came to realize that the city needed him and that he ended up to be a lot more than what he thought.

Bruce had several accomplishments like saving Gotham City and defeating the Joker several times over as Batman, he is also a very wealthy business owner. I'm sure I don't exactly have to explain everything that Bruce Wayne or "Batman" did because well let's face it, who hasn't seen a movie of his or at least a cartoon? The thing that people don't see is or just haven't actually realized noticed is what he can actually represent.

OK so I know that this isn't what Batman really represents but this is on all super heroes, not just him. (I just chose batman because i like him better). What I'm trying to get at is something I've already touched on but I'll get back to it now. Heroes in general stand for more than just a cape and powers, they stand for freedom, hope, and courage. Super heroes can also be a big thing in one's life because they can look up to them. They tell and show people that anyone is strong enough to stand up for themselves no matter what the size. They show us that all it takes is a little motivation and some encouragement and we can do anything

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