by Kebang from Anchorage

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

What is your definition of hero? Should he/she be smart, strong, or should he/she has some special power? Well, Batman has all these characteristics. In addition, he possesses many other hero elements that make him the Black Knight of the Gotham city.

Bruce's parents were been killed (screen capture of the movie)
Bruce's parents were been killed (screen capture of the movie)

Every hero has an unique life of their own. A life that truly defines them. Bruce Wayne, the Batman, also has an unusual life that makes him the hero of Gotham. When he was a kid, his parents were killed in a robbery by a small thug. Unfortunately, the court did not punish the thug but gave him another chance by helping them destroy a big gang organization. After he broke up with the girl he loved, he traveled around the world to find out the ugly side of human nature. He had anticipated in several crimes and were caught in dealing drugs in China. Later, he was saved by Ra's Al Ghul and were taught by him many useful skills and knowledge. When Ra's asked Bruce to go back and destroy Gotham City, he refused and burned their headquarter. After what he had been through, he decided to come back to Gotham and fights evil forces there.

Batman's Symbol (screen capture of the movie)
Batman's Symbol (screen capture of the movie)

Being a hero is not the same as making one's self feel better and special. It's more about conducting justice and fighting evil forces. Before Batman understands this, he wants revenge on the guy who killed his parents and never cared about the consequences. This act is more of being selfish than being justice. Later, he found out the rotten side of Gotham City and the ugly side of human nature. He also found out the difference between revenge and justice and decided to come back and restore morality in Gotham. He became a symbol that fought evil and a symbol that good people looked up to and bad people were afraid of. In the process, he got injured so many times and had to live a double life to keep the suspicious from him. He does not want people to know that he is Batman because he believes that a symbol can be incorruptible.

Batman saving Joker (screen capture of the movie)
Batman saving Joker (screen capture of the movie)

A hero is not an executioner. They will not do the unnecessary killing no matter how bad the enemy is or what have they done. Batman has never killed anyone in his life, he only put bad people behind bars. Ra's Al Ghul had burned down Bruce Wayne's house. For Bruce, the house is one of the most valuable things that his parents left for him. For him, there are many great memories of his parents and his childhood age around the house. However, in the end, he did not kill Ra's Al Ghul, the person who tried to destroying Batman's life. We can also see this when Batman deals with Joker. Joker had killed Rachael, the girl Bruce loved since his childhood age. However, at the end, Batman did not kill the Joker but let police arrested him. Batman always believed that killing is unnecessary in conducting justice. Instead, he thinks not being an executioner is very important that it can separate him from the evil forces who kill with no mercy.

Batman, like many other heroes in the world, has an unique life that no one has gone through before. After he finds out what should he do, he becomes a symbol of justice in Gotham and fights evil forces. He does not believe that killing is necessary in the process of carrying out justice but not to kill can truly separate him from criminals. There are still many other hero characteristics that Batman possesses that I did not talk about here. However, I think these three are the most important ones that truly define him as the hero of Gotham and a hero of mine.

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