by Justin from Franklin

This my hero page is for Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. He is my hero because his hobby isn't collecting stamps, or something lame like that, his hobby is saving lives. He doesn't even get paid for it. He would rather save lives, and nobody even knows who he is, than to be famous for it, even though he is already really.... REALLY rich.

Batman and the Joker (
Batman and the Joker (

Batman has had many of enemies, yet he hasn't failed to end those criminals' killing streaks... His latest enemy in the Batman movie, The Dark Night, was the Joker, but he also failed to beat the Batman, because Batman is the boss.

The inspiration Batman has for stopping criminals is because his parents were murdered by criminals in a back alley. He made it out alive but his parents did not, the criminal that killed them was Joe Chill.

Batman and Iron Man (
Batman and Iron Man (

Some people think that Iron man is better and tougher than Batman, but they are wrong because Bruce Wayne isn't only rich, but he is smart. Tony Stark is only rich.

This will show you why Batman is my hero. I think he is a great influence on everyone because he never gives up, he has all the motives to make a good superhero, he hasn't killed anybody, he didn't even kill the man that killed his parents. I think that is a great role model.......

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