by Alex from Lexington

BATMAN (I drew it)
BATMAN (I drew it)

One day I was walking by Arkham Asylum on March 3. The asylum is a jail for the criminally insane. I walked around and stopped.

I saw Batman trapped by Joker and that a bomb was about to explode in 10 minutes. I sneaked in through the air vent. I heard Joker telling Batman to unmask himself.

So i found a screwdriver. I unscrewed the air vent patiently. I watched serenely as joker put a code on the bomb. It said "24037986". I memorized it.

I waited for Joker to leave. I silently opened the air vent. I came out silently and went towards the bomb. I put in the numbers "24037986" and disarmed the bomb.

Batman said I should go now. He went to find Joker and I went home. Later at home I turned on the TV. The news was on and it said a lot of Joker's henchman were captured. But Joker escaped while being interrogated. So Joker is still on the loose.

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