by Caleb from St. Joseph

The Batman symbol
The Batman symbol

First things first, Batman a.k.a. Bruce Wayne is a rich man that lives in the make believe city of Gotham. As a kid, he and his parents went to go see the movie Zoro. When the movie was over the family decided they wanted to walk home. Bad idea. While walking down a dark ally the family had met up with a mugger. He wanted the wife pearl necklace which she refused to give to him. This infuriated the robber and so he shot her. The husband went to stop the man but only to have been shot too. The only one that survived the robbing was young Bruce Wayne. The police came shortly after the attack. They took Bruce home to his only friend left, his butler Alfred.

Eventually Bruce grew older and inherited his parents' fortune. He still could not shake the nightmares of that night. He had to do something. But what could he do? He can't just make everyone stop fighting. Or could he? Bruce had found a cave under his mansion. He explored the cave the, whole time thinking of what he could do to help Gotham and all the trouble that comes with it. That’s when he saw the bat. He thought of all the ways bats were different from humans. How they are abnormal and feared. That’s when it hit him. Bats are feared all over. If he could somehow become the bat, he could scare Gotham right into place. Get the crooks to act right. He had to be feared. He had to be the bat. The batman.

Batman was born on that day and he stopped all those that defied the law. Throughout the time Batman was a super hero, many super villains rose up against him. For example, the Penguin, Scarecrow, Two face, Dr. Freeze, and the all time big one, the Joker. Batman had gone on many adventures in crime fighting. But he couldn’t do it alone. Eventually Batman had developed a partner. His partner was the next hero to enter Gotham. His name was Robin.

Most people did not know this but there were three different Robins! Each year that the Batman was around he had a different Robin sidekick. One was Dick Grayson, another was Jason Todd and the last is Tim Drake - in that order. Dick Grayson was the only Robin to keep the superhero business going by becoming another all time favorite, Night Wing. Jason Todd was a circus boy when Bruce found him. Two Face had killed his parents during their circus act so Bruce decided to take in Jason. His skills from the circus help him develop fast as the next Robin. But he then learned that his real mother was still alive. He took a flight to her home only to see that the Joker had tied her to a bomb. Jason tried to save her but sadly he died in the process.

From then on Bruce had always been uptight about his business and refused to let someone else become the Robin. That is until he met Tim Drake. From then on the dynamic duo was always Batman and Robin. And they kept the home of Gotham safe from farther harm.

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