by Andrew from St. Louis


Everybody has their own hero; maybe a crime fighter, superhero, or even a firefighter. My hero is Batman. Batman is a crime fighter in Gotham City, a city full of crime and violence. Batman will defeat any enemy and will never die.

Batman’s parents were shot when he was a kid, out of revenge he started to fight crime. He chose the bat costume because he fears bats so he wants his enemies to have the same fear. A bat can be scary to somebody when he keeps beating you up. His greatest enemy is the Joker. If you never heard of someone in Batman you have surely heard of the Joker

Batman is Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. He puts on an act on during the day, acting like a rich dude buying useless things. This is a good disguise because nobody would really think that somebody like that would fight crime. He learned how to fight so good when he traveled the globe when he was younger.

Batman has no super-human powers. That is one thing I think of as hero, when you have super-human powers you have power not will. Another characteristic of hero to me is the ability to think. Batman is a great at thinking of ways to help other citizens and survive. One last one is having close relationships. Batman has good friendships with Alfred, the Robins and the Batgirls.

Everybody has their hero. Batman is mine because he is like me. He is strong, smart, and has will to finish what he started. Batman is a good person protecting others from crime.

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