by Charles from Missouri

My Hero is someone who is mysterious and has a hidden identity. A hero who helps people in need. He is a hero who puts away some of the world's most dangerous criminals. He is a man who’s parents were murdered and this is the reason why he became a hero. This is why I chose Batman as my hero. Batman the Dark Knight he is known as the world's greatest detective. He strikes fear in all villains when they see a giant shape of a bat coming down on them. It’s like when the Riddler says, "Who’s afraid of the big black bat."

Batman has some great adventures like when once he fought Bain who was this crazy man who would shoot himself with venom to get strength. Batman wasn’t strong enough but he was smarter than Bain. When Bain came at him Batman jumped up and pulled the tubes out of Bain. Bain shrank up and was knocked out.

Batman has many adventures once he was fighting his archenemy Joker. They were at a factory and Joker was making a bomb threat on the city. Batman sprang into action and went after Joker. Joker ran away in his car and Batman went after him in the bat car. Then Joker turned around to fight but before he could Batman jumped off the car. Joker turned and jumped out of his car before it plummeted off a cliff then was taken to prison.

Batman is like a knight who fights for honor. He had to fight one of his most difficult villains. His name was Harry (also known as Two Face). He became deformed because of Batman and swore revenge on him. So this was a hard fight for Batman because he was fighting his best friend. He had to stop him and they fought. Just then before the final blow he stared at Two Face. After he looked at him, he and walked away. The reason he did was because Two face was still his friend.

My hero is Batman because he helps people in need and never backs away from evil. It’s weird because all of the villains he fights are insane they all want to destroy his home of Gotham. He helps his city out and this is why Batman is my hero.

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