by Andrea, Kevin, Brian and Wayne from Taipei Fuhsing Private School

"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."
BATMAN! ( (cartoonbros))
BATMAN! ( (cartoonbros))

He is a superhero from the DC comics' universe. His real identity is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, and the owner of Wayne Enterprises. In Gotham, the city he lived in, he fights criminals like Joker, Riddler, Deadshot. He doesn't have any superpowers except amazing technology, facilities he uses and tactics he has to help him be more superior to those villains.

Witnessed the death of his parents when he was young, left a scar deep in his heart, and it became the reason why he becomes the Batman. He doesn't want others to be killed (like his parents) and is seeking revenge on the criminals. He is a man that is cold outside but warm inside. He always considers the best for the most, but he sometimes sacrifices the welfare of the few. Like in the movie, "Batman v Superman", he thinks that Superman has a small possibility of wiping out all lives on Earth, he couldn't take the risk. He thinks that the death of Superman can save humans, so Batman tried to kill Superman for the best for all mankind. He also has a bright side within him, like he doesn't kill/use guns. A reason for it is because his parents were killed with a gun, and also because he sympathizes with the villains, even facing his greatest enemy- the Joker, he doesn't want to kill him, instead, putting him into the Arkham Asylum. Batman also has strong persistence with his missions. Sometimes, tracking down enemies can take him years.

We chose him as one of our heroes because instead of becoming evil after his parent's death, he turned his anger into the motivation for justice. Batman sacrifices a good and wealthy life for the safety of the citizens. He also follows his own moral. He loves the citizens in Gotham. He never gives up! As a student, we can start from some small actions, never quit, be brave, always think for the team, and be friendly with our classmates. "It's not who I am underneath. But what I do that defines me."

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