by Catherine from Wauwatosa

This is Batman (
This is Batman (

My Hero, the figure that I idolize, the person I hope to one day be like, is Batman.  At a young age I was introduced to Batman. I was fascinated by his adventures and triumphs. His bravery and strength amazed me. These traits shown through the dullness of everyday life, and excited me in every way. Batman was sneaky and stealthy; he would sneak up on a bad guy or an enemy and have the advantage in almost every situation. He would never cower away from a fight to help to protect his city Gotham. Now I know I don't have an evil arch enemy that I need to beat like Batman had the Joker (at least not on a regular basis) but I do have exams that I need to pass, and girls who spread awful rumors, and don't even get me started on my boy troubles. So when I get in a tough situation I think to myself, what would Batman do? Batman would study his butt off to pass that exam to save his grades, and if a stupid high school girl began spreading rumors, Batman would walk right up to that girl and figure out the problem. Batman rarely gets scared, and even if he is, he always finds a way to triumph through his dilemmas.

Batman is most definitely recognized in society in many ways. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who finds Batman heroic.  There are books about Batman, movies about Batman, action figures of Batman, there are even Batman costumes. It is a known fact to society that Batman is a hero, an idol, and someone to look up to. I know I sure do.

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