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by Lat from Austin

<a href=>Bear</a> was a hero to many others.
Bear was a hero to many others.

To me, a hero is someone who makes someone else’s life improve. A lot of people think celebrities are heroes because they think they’re cool. Celebrities aren’t always heroes. Heroes can be animals, friends, siblings, and even family. That’s why I chose a very faithful and loyal dog, named Bear as my hero. Maybe you know about him, maybe you don’t. Either way, I’m about to tell you about how he made a difference in my life and in the lives of other people. Bear is an amazing hero because he saved many lives.

Bear is a dog that saved more people than any other worker at both the site of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. He was appreciated so much that a whole foundation was created in his name. Bear saved the life of the beloved FDNY Chief Peter Ganci and Commissioner Fechas. He was credited with finding the most victims on September 11th and was one of the first canines to search the rubble. He was injured at the site of 9/11 while sniffing around, and his wound became cancerous. The wound was cured, but Bear died of old age two years later.

<a href=>Bear Was Courageous</a>
Bear Was Courageous

Bear had the courage to work in the heat all day and worked quickly so that people would stay alive. He would crawl in small, barrel sized spaces to rescue whoever was in need of help. The rest of the day he was at the site, sniffing out bombs and people buried in the pile of rubble, ash, and debris.

While Bear was working at the N.Y.C. Police Department, he never begged for water or slept on the job. He persevered until he had done as much as he could possibly do. (I admire people with such traits). His ability to save lives unselfishly is a great thing to be able to do. Bear would search through the rubble for more than 18-hour days! That means he only had six hours to eat, sleep, and relax. During his work, he was determined to help whoever needed it, and he supported those who lost friends and family in the 9/11 attack, (and many other natural and man made disasters). And most of all, he supported those who knew they were dying.

Bear was a great hero. (Google)
Bear was a great hero. (Google)

Maybe you were touched by his story, maybe you weren’t. To me, Bear touched my life and the lives of other people who were affected by disasters. He inspired me to save lives, be a policeman, and help others. In my opinion, Bear is a unique hero because he saved so many people and came back hungry to do it again. He is the kind of hero I’d like to be.

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