Animals Heroes

Bear the Savior

by Danielle from USA

It's a spider! It's a cat! No it's Bear! Bear is the name of a German Shepard, that I read about. He lived in the back of a pound in the furthest kennel from the door. He was never picked but when Dianne his new owner walked up and saw him he knew that she was the one. He knew that too! If you lived with a person that had seizures constantly, go and find Bear. Bear is an un-trained protector of illnesses and diseases .Bear is very smart. Are you ready to witness my tale of bear. ARE YOU READY!?!?!?!?!?

Bear is very smart because, when he sees that someone is hurt or injured he wastes no time in helping them. (Another example is owner constantly has seizures. When she is about to have a seizure Bear leans against her legs, telling her to sit down so when she falls down she does not cause damage to herself. The con about that is that if Bear is too slow she can fall and hurt herself or even him. Bear also focuses on what is important. He isn't selfish, but he is smart enough to know when someone is hurt. Another example is that Bear is smart. He can smell the scent of Ketosis. Which is a disease, which people that diabetes get. Ketosis is when your body lacks in energy.

In conclusion Bear is my hero because, he is very smart. I honestly have no idea how Bear can do all of this, because, keep in mind, that Bear was never trained to do any of this. He just adapted to his surroundings. Even though he's practically a superhero. I WISH HE WAS MY DOG!!!

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