Alan Beaven

by Ramya from Fallsburg

Kimi (his wife) said: "He would do anything for his children. He spent hour after hour reading to Sonali, playing ball with John, and scuba diving with Chris."

Alan Beaven had a wife, one daughter, and two sons. He loved his children very much, and he made sure they got a good education and everything they needed.

Alan spent a lot of time with his family, as you can see. However, he also spent time helping America. He devoted his career to representing numerous high profile Clean Water Act cases. Alan had one more case to finish and then he and his family would settle in India where he had volunteered his service to be an environmental lawyer.

On September 11, 2001 Alan died at age 48. He was flying to California to finish up a case. The plane he was on was hijacked, and targeted to fly into the Pentagon. He and some other brave people tried to control the plane. They got the plane away from the Pentagon and saved the lives of many from an additional hit. But they didn't manage to land the plane, so it crashed. He (and all of the people who helped) saved the people in the Pentagon even though their lives were lost.

Alan Beavan was the dad of my great friend Sonali. For everything that Alan Beaven has done, we are very thankful to him and miss him very much.

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