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by Charles from Anchorage, Alaska

"I Beowulf am the great king of the Danes"
<a href=>Beowulf Ripping Grendel's arm off</a>
Beowulf Ripping Grendel's arm off

Five qualities I believe that a hero must possess are: Honor, loyalty, respect, strength, and resilience.

I respect Beowulf as a hero because of his actions. He traveled many miles to help distant relatives with a problem they were having. He did not ask for anything in return for this. After killing the fen-monster, Grendel, he was made king. He was loyal to his people, and strong enough to kill Grendel with his bare hands. He was resilient enough to be hit by Grendel and still continue to attack him.

I believe that Beowulf is a hero because of the way he dealt with the situation he was in. He helped friends selflessly, he made no attempt to oppress his people, and He was really cool. Come on, he risked his life to save people that didn't even like him yet.

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