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Big Ben

by Emma from Yucaipa

On April 20, 1976 a horse was born. His name was Big Ben. Big Ben would become a famous race horse. I think Big Ben is my hero because when he was injured on his hoof two days before the competition he still won. People made sculptures of him racing since he became a famous horse.

Big Ben sculpture (<br>/artwork/BigBen2.jpg)
Big Ben sculpture (

When he grew up he became a famous racer and made 1.5 million dollars for his team. When he was injured he still jumped in the race. He pulled something in his hoof before the competition, but it didn't stop him, he still won!

Big Ben painting (<br>prints/horses/imagesHorses/<br>Big_Ben400.jpg)
Big Ben painting (

Big Ben and other horses got injured. Two of the horses died, but he survived. People loved him so they made paintings of him when he died.

When Big Ben died in 1989 there was a funeral for him. The family gathered in a circle around his grave and they shared good memories about him. It was a sad day for them.

Big Ben taught me to never give up. For example, whenever you feel sick, injured, or scared: don't give up! Big Ben will always inspire me to work hard and never give up.

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