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Bill Gates

by Garrison from Colorado

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Bill Gates

My hero is Bill Gates because he made the X-box 360. Without my 360, I would be nothing, because I play it all the time. Also, if Bill Gates did not make Microsoft, I would also be nothing, because I play a game called Runescape.

It must be fun being Bill Gates or his family. He lives on the shore of Lake Washington.

He always has a smile on his face, but I would be happy too if I were as rich as he is. I am not saying I am poor, but I'm not as rich as he is.

Bill Gates is an inventor hero, especially because he has made my life meaningful. He also donates to charity, and that is really nice.

Bill Gates is a real hero for making all that stuff, and I like to think of it as if made it all for me. But I know he didn't do that. I thank Bill Gates for making Microsoft, and X-box 360, because he made my life good.

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