Bill Gates

by Leah from Spokane

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. Some heroes give of their time, some heroes give their money, and some heroes simply model what it means to be great. Despite differences, all heroes share one common thread, they give beyond themselves to influence and better the lives of those around them. Bill Gates is a hero worthy of the word itself. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates lives out his heroism with his time, his money, and by his example of what it means to be a caring, considerate human being.

Bill Gates currently resides in the city of Seattle, Washington, but his influence stretches much further than the city itself. In the year 2000, Bill Gates started an organization called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a foundation largely focused on health and education for individuals and schools that are in need of financial assistance. According to Bill Gates, the main agenda of the foundation is to, “enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and…to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology”(Wikipedia 2007). Despite the large number of employees and staff members beneath Bill Gates, Gates and his wife, Melinda, invest a large amount of their time overseeing the efficiency and output of their foundation.

Bill Gates has worked hard his entire life creating his company, Microsoft. Although he could spend his hard earned money in a variety of ways, he chooses to bless others by giving large portions of his wealth for the betterment of education. According to an article in the Tech Free Press, “Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has funneled millions of dollars into education programs across the world” (Pittsley 2007). The Gates foundation has and continues to pour millions of dollars into the lives of students across the globe. For many schools, the Gates foundation supplies new technology and technical support for districts that would not otherwise be able to fund on their own.

Bill Gates sets an example of what it means to be great through the distribution of his funds. According to the Gates Foundation website, “the foundation is committed to raising the high school graduation rate and helping all students-regardless of race or family income-graduate as strong citizens ready for college, and work”(2007). The Gates foundation gives opportunities to many individuals who cannot afford education beyond public education. The foundation is working to “[reduce] the financial obstacles that prevent many students from fulfilling their potential” (2007). Bill Gates sets an example of what it means to be great through his hunger to help those who may not otherwise be able to help themselves

Bill Gates is important to me because he lives out his heroism through the giving of his time, his money, and the way he lives his life. Bill Gates has chosen to give beyond himself for greater causes. He has chosen social action, not just acknowledging problems in the schools and communities around him, but taking actions to better the education and livelihood of individuals around the world.

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