by Isabel from Buenos Aires

I am going to write about a hero. My hero. He saved many lives and cured many children, including me. He is cooperative, bright, brave and skillful. He is a graduate pediatrician who was determined to become one. He is my uncle Bill.

Bill has done many heroic things. Not things that you see plainly. You just have to enter a hospital and go to the children`s sector where you can see him giving medicines, taking x-rays, mending broken bones and giving a helping hand to whoever needs one.

Uncle Bill lives in San Francisco where he goes to work. He works part-time in a jail, where he cures and helps prisoners, and part time in a children`s hospital curing them. Uncle Bill is a hero because he saved many lives. He cured many people especially children. So I think that because of this my uncle is a true hero. Maybe not one that is famous or popular, but a hero who changed many people`s lives.

I can relate my uncle to Dr. Ages, the white mouse from the book “Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH” because they both cure people using their knowledge and good will. In the book, Dr Ages saves Timothy from pneumonia using some medicine while my uncle does that all the time.

In this way, I would like to conclude saying that there are many heroes in the world but mine is always going to be my uncle. My uncle who saves lives daily and willingly, trying at all cost. So I must say, Bill is a hero, my hero.

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