Animals Heroes

Binti Jua

by Jordan from Minnesota

Let me introduce you to the most unique hero you will ever read about. This hero is not a soldier or even a political person. In fact, this hero is not even a human.

Binti Jua is a western lowlander gorilla from Brookfield zoo in Chicago, Illinois. Her father, Sunshine, lives in San Francisco. Her mother's name is Lulu, and she lives in the Bronx Zoo. She is remembered because her aunt Coco is famous for her sign language. Binti was born 1988 at Columbus Zoo.

The incident that makes her a hero occurred on August 16th, 1996. A 3-year-old boy climbed around a wall and fell 20 feet onto a concrete ground in the gorilla pen. Binti Jua reacted quickly and grabbed the boy before he could have gotten ripped to shreds. She safely brought the unconscious boy back to his family.

For a gorilla she was gentle and that made Binti Jua a hero. She was rewarded with a medal. If it hadn't been for the love and caring actions of Binti on that day in August, the little boy could have never made it past 3-years-old. His parents must have been so thankful, and I am so proud that she helped to save his life.

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