Animals Heroes


by Kyle from Missouri

Kyle Gradwohl

There are many types of heroes, but hardly anyone pays attention to the heroes in plain sight or the animal heroes all around. You would be amazed how many heroes are right beside you.

I’ve read many reports on the animal heroes. Did you know that there is a gorilla, Binti Jua, at the zoo who risked her life to save a little boy who climbed up the cage walls and fell about 20ft into the gorillas hands? Now that’s what I call an animal hero. Did you know that there was also another gorilla, Koko who is related to Binti Jua, who learned how to use sign language to tell us that we are hurting many animals and that we need to stop cutting down forests? She also talks to other animals and told us what they said. She says that the animals have feelings too.

Other than our animal heroes there are our human heroes who risk their life around the clock for our safety. Super heroes don’t have to have capes or have to fly around in the sky. My main definition of a hero is someone who saves someone else.

Like I said earlier, heroes are all around you, you just have to open your eyes.

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