Animals Heroes

Binti Jua

by Stephanie from Illinois

Binti Jua is the hero of the Brookfield Zoo.

Biniti Jua is a hero to the boy who she rescued from climbing a railing that was 18 feet into the zoo's exhibit now. If I was his mom or dad I'd be scared & wondering how did he get up there. I wonder if the Parents were seeing what the boy was going to do. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that Binti Jua saved a 8 year old boy. If you are wondering who Binti Jua is, she is a gorilla. She is from 1988 at the Columbus Zoo. Her dad Sunshine was from the San Francisco Zoo and her mom Lulu, was from the Bronx Zoo.

Binti Jua was a mom herself when the boy fell off from the zoo's exhibit. She got the boy who was unconscious. When she got the boy and carried him to where people were. It's amazing because when this happened she had her baby in her arms so she was carrying her baby so you can really image how hard it was for her.

It's really a big deal because if she wanted to she just could have left him there by himself or could have done something really bad like, well, let's just say he would never see his family again. Another reason why I think she is a hero because she gave him to the people who were seeing this happening, instead of not doing anything at all.

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