Beat Bisangwa

by Amanda from Kampala, Uganda

Beat Bisangwa at Inspire Africa Premiere
Beat Bisangwa at Inspire Africa Premiere

My hero is Beat Bisangwa, also known as Aunt Beat! She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but later moved to Rwanda, during the time of the genocide. She found it hard to go to school but she endured and is now very successful in Uganda.

She is a loving mother, wife and founder of Rhema Ministries. This is an organisation which is setting out to empower women to take their place in social reconstruction in Uganda.

She studied in St. Mary's Namagunga in Uganda for her O and A levels.

Beat lives in Bugolobi bungalows plot 16 Bundali rise in Kampala Uganda with her family.

Beat is very important to me because she encourages and gives people hope for a better future. She has taken girls off the street and shown them love and this gives me hope and inspires me to want to help people recover their lives in a better way and make a difference in this community and the world at large. She also is a strong Christian who believes that our God is a God of second chances.

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