Blackie the Horse

by Colby from Tiburon

I made it (me)
I made it (me)

Blackie was a horse who liked to stand still. He was born in Kansas in 1926. People thought that he was useless, but a cowboy said he would be a good horse for the rodeo.The cowboy roped all the bulls while Blackie just stayed still. They couldn't be beat and won ten blue ribbons. The doctor came and said Blackie had too much of a sway back, so the cowboy sold Blackie to an army Captain. They patrolled Yosemite, but it took a lot of carrots to get Blackie to go. Tourists took pictures with Blackie and his captain. It was easy to take photos because Blackie stayed still. Blackie got more of a sway back and got older. An oysterman from Tiburon came and bought Blackie. Every day he would stand out in the pasture by the bay, and the oysterman could see him. Blackie stayed in this pasture for 28 years. Lots of people came to visit Blackie and give him food. Everyone like seeing Blackie.

Blackie is a hero because he saved the pasture from becoming a super mall, and he made a difference. He showed people that sitting still is a nice way to see the world from a different perspective. And that is why I think Blackie is a hero!!

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