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Blackie the Horse

by Caroline from Tiburon

Blackie the Horse (I made it (Caroline G))
Blackie the Horse (I made it (Caroline G))

Blackie the Horse was born in 1926 in Kansas. Everybody knew he liked to stay still. He liked to sit and watch the view. In a few years a cowboy bought him and took him to California to be a rodeo horse. He lived in Salinas with the cowboy. At the rodeo Blackie stood still while his owner roped bulls. They got lots of ribbons and prizes. Then the cowboy retired. Blackie was sold to the army. They got their pictures taken from all kinds of tourists. When he was 12 years of age, a doctor came and said that he was too sway back to ride. Then he retired to a place in San Francisco. There Anthony Connell, an oysterman from Tiburon, bought him because he wanted to see him while he was working. Children came to visit and brought him sugar and carrots. One day an architect came and wanted to build a shopping mall and highway. The people of the town said "No!". So the man left. Part of the reason they said no was that it was the place where Blackie lived. Blackie died in his sleep in 1966.

I think Blackie is a hero because he taught people that standing still and looking around can actually be very interesting and peaceful. He also stopped Tiburon from having a big shopping mall and highway. Now we have a big open pasture where Blackie lived. People play here and enjoy the beautiful view. There is even a statue of Blackie to remind us of him.

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