Blackie the Horse

by Taylor from Tiburon

Blackie in a grass (I made it! (Taylor E))
Blackie in a grass (I made it! (Taylor E))

My hero is Blackie. He is a horse who lived in Tiburon for 28 years. He brought a lot of fame to a rodeo rider and he also won a trophy for showing Yosemite's beauty. His greatest act I think is bringing joy and love to his community, his county, and his pasture. He moved to Tiburon when he was 12. He moved from his Kansas ranch to Salinas, California to be a rodeo horse. He didn't like the idea of moving, but when he heard that all he had to do was stand still and that he would get apples, carrots, and sugar cubes he had to agree. After winning lots of awards, Blackie became swayback and was bought and moved to Yosemite. He still didn't like change, but got sugar cubes so off he went. At Yosemite an army captain sat on Blackie and people took photos with them. Sadly a doctor said that Blackie's swayback had gotten worse and he could no longer be ridden. Then a man named Anthony Connell, an ouster man, bought Blackie. He wanted Blackie to just stand next to his house so when he looked out his window he would see the beautiful horse and the town. Blackie lived untill 40. He lived 28 years in Tiburon. He was buried in the same spot where he died.

I think Blackie should be a hero because just like me he hated change. I love how he took his place and enjoyed life, one place at a time. And he put his hoof down and took his pasture. He brought joy and love to his county, his community, and his pasture. Blackie is my hero.

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