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Blackie the Horse

by Patrick from Tiburon

Blackie the horse (I painted it (I did))
Blackie the horse (I painted it (I did))

This is the story of Blackie the horse. Blackie was a horse that stood still. His home was in Kansas. One day a cowboy bought Blackie to be his horse when he roped bulls. he moved to Selenese California. The cowboy roped 10 bulls because Blackie was different he stood still. Blackie was sold to a army captain in Yosemite and people took pictures of Blackie and the army captain. At age 12 a doctor went to Yosemite and told the army captain that Blackie was to old to ride. So the army captain sold Blackie to a man named Anthony Connell who was a oysterman that lived in Tiburon California.

Blackie loved Tiburon he loved the Golden Gate Bridge the water and his pasture over the years many people adored Blackie. kids would give him Sugar cubes, apples, and carrots, But one day a person wanted to make Blackie's pasture a mall but Blackie's motto was no change and no change happened.

Blackie all ways loved Tiburon his life sadly ended in 1996 when Blackie died in his sleep. A statue was made in Tiburon to remember there beloved horse Blackie. Blackie died at age 40 he lived from 1966-1996.

I think that Blackie was a great role model for the town of Tiburon he showed that standing still and observing nature is great. And till this day Tiburon will always remember their hero Blackie the horse.

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