Animals Heroes

Blackie the Horse

by Brian from Tiburon

I painted it.  (Brian M. )
I painted it. (Brian M. )

Have you ever thought about who your hero was? My hero is Blackie the horse. Blackie started his life in Kansas, where he was born. He ended up living for 40 years. Blackie had many owners and moved around, but he ended up in Tiburon for the last 28 years of his life. Blackie was very strong minded because he knew what he wanted, which was probably the result of so many different owners. He didn't let anyone tell him what to do.

I think Blackie is a hero because he saved this big part of in Tiburon from be coming a mall now it is a peaceful grassy area. People can walk on the pasture,have fun, and play on Blackie's statue. Blackie showed that standing still is a good way to live. Sometimes you need to stand and relax.

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