Animals Heroes

Blackie the Horse

by Lucas R from Tiburon

Blackie was born in Kansas in 1926. He was a non moving horse and was thought useless. Then one day a cowboy who roped bulls bought him and went on to be very famous and rich. When he was 12 Blackie was sent to Yosemite. He was good for tourists to take photos with. When his sway back became a problem, another man bought him with the name of Anthony Conell. He bought Blackie so he would be able to look up and see the beautiful horse standing still in his pasture. In Tiburon he had a good 28 years there in his pasture by the bay.

I think Blackie is a hero because he helped keep Tiburon so beautiful. He really showed he cared by doing that. Instead of being a big supermarket, Blackie's pasture is a beautiful grassy field. People realized how important it is to have a beautiful place to rest and enjoy, just like Blackie did.

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