Animals Heroes


by Claire from Tiburon

A picture of Blackie (I made it (me))
A picture of Blackie (I made it (me))

Blackie was born in Kansas in 1926. He loved to stand still. A cowboy bought him and moved him to a rodeo in Salinas, CA. Blackie did not like this change, but they went on to win a whole bunch of rodeo wins. Later, Blackie moved to Yosemite and patrolled during spring and summer. People took pictures with Blackie and an army captain. Blackie was getting old, so he had to go to pasture for horses that couldn't be ridden any more. Anthony Connel was an oysterman in Tiburon who just wanted him to stand still in his pasture. When he was gathering oysters, he would know where he was. After 40 years of living Blackie died in 1966. The town of Tiburon made a grave for Blackie. A few years later they made a statue of Blackie the sway back horse as the town symbol.

I chose Blackie as my hero because he showed people what animals need. He also showed people that they shouldn't destroy animals habitats just because they wasn't buildings. Animals need love and protection to live on Earth and Blackie showed humans what he wanted and what he needed. That is why Blackie is my hero!

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