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Blackie The Horse

by Rafael from Tiburon

I painted it. (Rafael from Tiburon California )
I painted it. (Rafael from Tiburon California )

Blackie was a horse who lived from the 1920's to the 1960's. He liked standing still in his pasture, but one day a cowboy came and said to Blakie's owner that he would be good for his rodeo career. They won many medals, and soon they were the best!!!!!! At the age of twelve an army Captain in Yosemite bought Blackie to patrol with him. He just had to be in pictures with tourists. Blackie,'s back was now to old to be ridden on and he again moved away with an oysterman from Tiburon. He liked it here. He lived in Tiburon for 28 years and died in 1966 . He was buried in his pasture. They made a statue of him and it is now the sign of Tiburon.

I think Blakie should be a hero because if it weren't for him there would a lot of stuff there like a mall. One day a man came up and said he wanted to build a mall through Tiburon right where Blackie was living. The mayor said NO NO NO andNO!!!!!! The people of Tiburon did not want to take away that spot. So today we still enjoy our view and this beautiful land because of Blackie.

                                                                          Bibliography By Rafael 

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