Animals Heroes


by Alex from Tiburon

I made it (me)
I made it (me)

Blackie the Horse was born in Kansas in 1926. Unlike most horses, right off the bat Blackie loved to stand still. One day a cowboy bought Blackie and took him to Salinas where he joined the rodeo. He won every time. Later the cowboy got old. Blackie was sold and moved to Yosemite with the military for souvenir pictures. Then at the age of 12, a man named Anthony Connell bought Blackie and took him to his oyster farm in Tiburon. Blackie stood in his same spot every day. For generations children visited Blackie and fed him carrots, apples, and sugar cubes. On February 27, 1966 Blackie died at the age of 40.

I think Blackie should be a hero because he stood his ground. His motto was "no changes". It took many sugar cubes, carrots, and apples to get Blackie to move from one place to another. Blackie inspired many people to not take down grass and trees for roads and malls. He showed people how important our community and our environment are, and that we should save it. That is why I think Blakie the horse should be a hero.

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