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by Oona from Tiburon

A picture of Blackie in Tiburon. (I made it. (Oona T))
A picture of Blackie in Tiburon. (I made it. (Oona T))

My hero is Blackie. Blackie was a horse that born in Kansas in 1926. Blackie has done many things. A cowboy bought Blackie and moved him from Kansas to a rodeo place in Salinas, California. Blackie did not want to go. It took sugar, cubes, apples, and carrots to get him to go. The cowboy explained to Blackie what to do - stand still and I will rope the bulls. Then Blackie got a slump on his back. Blackie got a job to take pictures with an army caption in Yosemite. Then an oyster man got Blackie and told him to stand in one spot and Blackie liked it.

After 40 years Blackie died. He died at night in Feb. 27, 1966. Blackie saved a nice field were the mayor was going to build a mall and extend the road. Now Blackie is our town symbol. A statue was built in 1995. I think Blackie should be a hero because he saved a nice field for our community. He brought joy and happiness to our community for 28 years.

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