Animals Heroes

Blackie the Horse

by Leila from Tiburon

It is Blackie The Horse  (I painted it (leilaf))
It is Blackie The Horse (I painted it (leilaf))

Blackie is a horse who lived in Tiburon. He was born in Kansas in 1926. Surprisingly Blackie loved to stand still. After a couple of years Blackie moved to Salinas, CA. In Salinas, Blackie went to a rodeo and stood there while his owner rode bulls. Blackie stayed there for a few years until he became too swayback. Blackie moved to Yosemite. People took pictures with Blakie and the captain. He got to swayback to ride, so an oysterman came and said he needed a horse who stood still. He wanted to see Blackie while he gathered oysters by the bay. So Blackie lived in a pasture in Tiburon, and he loved it there. Lots of kids loved hugging him, petting him, and trying to play with him. He lived there for 28 wonderful years until he died in his sleep.

Blackie is my hero. Everyday I drive by Blackie's Pasture and I think of him and how he saved the pasture from being a mall. Now it is a nice big field. People get to play and enjoy the pasture just like Blackie did. Now he is very important in Tiburon!!!

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