Judith Blair

by Ryan from Sycamore Jr. High

Judith Blair and Dr. Burgoon
Judith Blair and Dr. Burgoon

To me a hero is a person who is there in a time of desperate need. Judith Blair is a woman who was born to be a hero. With her outstanding desire to help others, she demonstrates the exact characteristics of being a hero. By donating a kidney, Judith Blair is a woman who helped save Dr. Michael Burgoon’s life.

Judith had a strong desire to help others. When she grew older she heard about this man who was in desperate need of a kidney. She decided to donate one of hers. She heard about Dr. Burgoon’s wife and family friend who couldn’t donate their kidneys because they had the beginning stages of a life threatening illness. She took the test and found out that her kidney was healthy enough to be donated.

The real hero about her is she didn’t want to donate just any old kidney, she wanted to donate an extra healthy kidney. She got involved in the Senior Olympics and started training to become one of the most athletic seniors. She won gold medals at the Tucson and the Phoenix Senior Olympics. She won silver and bronze medals as well. She donated her extremely healthy kidney to Dr. Burgoon on June 27, 2001.

Judith is a description of a “Hero Within,” one of the five different types of heroes that the author T.A. Barron describes in his book "The Heroes Trail." A hero within is a person who chooses to do something for someone else when they don’t have to. Judith chose to do this when almost any other person in the world could have. Also, she didn’t have to join the Senior Olympics to make Dr. Burgoon’s kidney healthier, but she did anyway.

Dr. Burgoon was the person in desperate need and Judith was there at the time. Her great character and help gets her to the place she’s at today. Judith Blair is an outstanding human being and I hope you learned a lot about her from this report.

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