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by Kamryn from The Woodlands

Eating mud (samoyed reserve)
Eating mud (samoyed reserve)

One of my heroes is my dog, Blanco. This dog saved me from 3rd grade. You might think that’s kind of stupid but he was my only friend for a year! I miss him but he will always be my hero.

My dad was in the navy at the time when I got him. I was living with my mom at that time. I had just got in to a new school and had no friends. My only friends were the animals in my local pet store. Everyday I would go there just to see the dogs mostly.

There was one dog I loved the most he was a young adult dog Samoyed. He’d been there for about a year. Sweetest dog there. One day I got my mom to come and look at him. She liked him so I asked if I could get him.

She finally said YES!!!!!!!! I got him a leash and a collar and brought him home. We had another dog named Henry. We had a big yard and house. Everyone loved him. He had one problem. He was scared of men. So we went to see my uncle, we took him with us. He got out of the yard once and we looked for him until we found him. My uncle found him first and cornered him and Blanco got scared and bit him.

Warm day in the sun (the samoyed reserve)
Warm day in the sun (the samoyed reserve)

One day while I was at school my mom took him to the vet and had him put down. My only friend was taken from me. I will always remember my best friend Blanco. In loving memory of Blanco.

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