Animals Heroes


by Brolin from Morinville, Canada


My hero is Blaze my Dog. He is always there for me and I am always there for him. He is the glue that holds my family together. My hero's hero is my mom because she always gives him human food. She always plays kong with Blaze. I got Blaze from my mom's friend Laverne.

He is the best doggy in the whole world. He is so cute and cuddly. The first time he came to my house he would not dare to go down the stairs. He would bark at the stairs and every time he would step on the first step and he would bolt up the stairs, I would be sitting on the couch laughing my head off. Now he has no problem going up or down the stairs.

He is playful, joyful, lovable, cheerful, funny and awesome. He will always go to get the ball when you throw it for him. He is still only three and he is huge. My sister always pushes Blaze to the limits and he starts to bite her, I think it is funny.


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